Equality & Diversity

All members of Colleton Chambers and our staff are committed to ensuring that our existing or potential clients, members of chambers, pupils, clerks and support staff,  together with providers of services to Colleton Chambers  are not discriminated against directly or indirectly, treated more or less favourably, or victimised in any way as set out in the Equality Act 2010 and in particular on the basis of their race, colour, ethnic or national origin, citizenship, nationality, sex, marital status or sexual orientation, disability, age or religion.

Colleton Chambers is aware of and abides by the Bar Standards Board equality and diversity policies, rules and guidance. In particular our policy also covers the conduct of our members, pupils and staff towards one another.

One of the ways we ensure compliance with our policy is by having all members, pupils and staff, upon becoming part of Colleton Chambers, being told or instructed never to discriminate on the grounds set out above  and in particular when making decisions on:-

Whether or not to accept instructions from lay or professional clients;

The recruitment of members of chambers, pupils or staff; or,

The provision of services to Colleton Chambers.

Our policy is subject to review both internally and externally through the oversight of the Bar Standards Board. Any comments on the policy or any complaint which alleges a breach of our policy may be sent to Chambers Equality and Diversity Officer (aysevahib@colletonchambers.co.uk) or through our complaints procedure.