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Contractual Terms

With effect from 31st January 2013 the Terms of Work on which Barristers offer their Services to Solicitors and the Withdrawal of Credit Scheme 1988 are abolished and replaced by : The (new) Solicitors and the Withdrawal of Credit Scheme 1988 are abolished and replaced by: The (new) Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012.

The new Terms will be adopted by all members of Colleton Chambers in respect of all instructions accepted after 30th January 2013, both for new instructions and for matters in which Counsel has been instructed previously.

A copy of the Terms can be found here.


Subject to acceptance of instructions under the Contractual Terms, members of Colleton Chambers adhere to the “cab rank rule”, which imposes upon barristers the obligation to accept instructions from anyone who, through an appropriate instruction, wishes to engage their services in an area of law in which they practise.

We will not accept an instruction that is in breach of the Bar Standards Board’s Equality and Diversity Code.

Choice of Counsel

The Chambers web site lists the members of Chambers and Door Tenants, with an indication of their seniority, areas of practice and expertise. Our clerks are always pleased to help in matching a client’s requirements to a particular barrister.


Clerks appreciate the earliest notification of proposed court dates and, upon delivery of a brief, will use their best endeavours to ensure the availability of the client’s chosen counsel. Where it is anticipated that, for whatever reason, a particular barrister will not be available, the clerk will ensure that the matter is discussed with the professional client at the first opportunity.


If a conference is required with or without the lay client, this can be arranged in Chambers or at a court centre. Conferences can also be held at the offices of our instructing solicitors or on site.


We aim to complete and return all paperwork within 21 days of receipt. In cases of unusual difficulty the clerk will notify the solicitor of the time within which the work will be done. Professional clients are encouraged to make clear, in a letter to the clerk, any requirements they may have as to time limits. Emergency work is accepted.

Specialist Work

Occasionally professional clients instruct a member of Chambers in relation to matters outside his or her expertise. In these circumstances the member or clerk will liaise with the professional client to ensure that the papers are placed before an appropriate specialist counsel.


The earliest possible discussion with the clerk offers the greatest flexibility in arranging fees to take account of the client’s needs and the weight and complexity of the work. In some cases the client may prefer to be quoted an hourly rate. The clerk, if required, will offer assistance on this basis.

Data Protection

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