Andrew Macfarlane

Andrew Macfarlane
Called: 1995
Qualifications: Solicitor from 1968 until 1995

Contact and Clerk


Clerk: Nikkie Browning


Practice areas and details thereof including particular specialisms:

All areas of Criminal Law

Particularly the following areas:

Cases concerning children and the vulnerable, including serious domestic violence including:

  • multi complainant historical sexual abuse cases
  • multi handed and multi complainant paedophile ring allegations

Complex crime
Involving complex issues relating to the evidence and unused, particularly requiring the use of IT.

Cases requiring knowledge and understanding of advanced information technology, both for the investigation and presentation of cases

Grave driving cases:
e.g. Manslaughter, death by dangerous driving

Notable Cases

R v Robinson and others
– involving the prosecution of mass dishonesty and fraud of the legal aid fund by members of a firm of solicitors.
A case with the largest budget the SFO has had for cases outwith London.

R v St Helena Steamship Company
– another large SFO prosecution with many evidential complications.

Cases where no name can be given:
A very large number of cases concerning children and very vulnerable adults, where the need to support and assist the victim is as important as the skilful prosecution of the case.
Working with intermediaries, psychologists and psychiatrists.

R v Jenkin Court of Appeal
(permission of victim given for the case to be named)
This was the most troubling case I ever had. Where my major achievement was the enabling of the victim of an attack that resulted in her having both her eyes gouged out, to be prepared to give evidence against the perpetrator. It took many meetings, over a considerable period of time. He, upon observing her ready and willing to give evidence, unexpectedly, pleaded guilty.
The Court of Appeal upheld the unusual sentence I had secured in Truro Crown Court – a hybrid sentence entailing a secure mental health order but combined with a life sentence.
Tina Nash wrote a book ‘Out of the Darkness’. To help other victims like herself.
Tina, although blind, described me in the following terms:
“a man, who wasn’t like the barristers I’d seen on TV; his voice was warm and caring with no airs and graces –I imagined that he looked like Father Christmas without the beard, but a barrister’s wig instead.”
I have never felt so flattered. And never will I forget Tina.


1995 Inner Temple
Admitted to the rolls as a solicitor: 1968.

Professional Memberships

Member of the Criminal Bar Association
Member of Western Circuit


Married father of four children, now grown up.
Gardening, woodwork, anything involving innovative technology (i.e. nerdish).
Arguing with my young granddaughter – she always wins.

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