Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans
Called: 1996
Qualifications: Ll.B. (Hons.) (Exon)

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Clerk: Nikkie Browning


Gareth’s principal area of practice is criminal law. He defends and prosecutes, in equal measure, all types of cases in the Crown Courts. He is a Category 3 prosecutor and on the RASSO list.

To Gareth all of his cases are notable but here are a few highlights:

Notable Cases

R v Luxton:
An allegation of rape where the defendant was a deaf-mute requiring multiple teams of intermediaries during his week-long trial.

R v Searle:
Two allegations of assault by a Deputy Head-Teacher on two 6 year old students. Acquitted of both allegations

R v Ingleby:
A teacher said to have assaulted two 15 year old students. The fifth youth witness to give evidence via a video link admitted under cross-examination that the allegations were false. Not guilty verdicts.

R v Mitchell:
Theft of $12m worth of virtual poker chips by hacking into a computer system.

R -v- Sully and Stevens:
An allegation of a late-night street robbery of one Simon Holley. During cross-examination by Gareth Mr Holley admitted that he had made up the allegation in order to avoid admitting to his father that he had been bested by a much smaller man, (Mr Sully). Holley later prosecuted for Perverting the Course of Justice.

Extract from the official transcript at Exeter Crown Court:

His Honour Judge Wildblood Q.C;
“Mr Evans, it is at moments like this that the true value of the Bar is demonstrated, and also excellent performance at the Bar is, I hope, valued by those who experience it. I value it, seeing it. Your cross-examination was both thorough, excellently prepared, and with dramatic impact. It is, in my own experience at the Bar of 27 years, only rarely that that [admission of fabrication] happens. But when it does it is both rewarding, but the product of extremely hard work and skill”

Courts Martial

Gareth has defended a large number of cases involving Royal Marines and Army soldiers over the last 13 years.

Parole Board

Gareth has represented prisoners at Parole Board Hearings since around 1999.

Notable cases:

On the Application of Stephen Downing. Served 27 years for murder. Eventually released after Appeal Hearing.

On the Application of Mark Gilbert: Lifer prisoner. Board directed release from Cat C prison rather than progressing through open conditions first.

Legal Professional Privilege

Gareth is often instructed to carry out sifting of potential evidence to identify material to which LPP attaches.

Notable cases:

R v A: Solicitor accused of obtaining qualification by fraud. 8 years worth of solicitor’s files considered; (consisting of 5 transit vans full of files).

R v ? (ongoing investigation). Interrogation of computer files consisting of 221,000+ documents, and 433,000+ e-mails.


Gareth frequently appears in appeals against the refusal of/revocation of shotgun certificates and firearms licences.

Court of Protection

Gareth has, over recent years, represented local authorities in the Court of Protection.


1996 Middle Temple


Benefactors Scholar
Blackstone Prize winner
Winston Churchill Prize winner


Gareth spent 16 years in the Royal Marines before his career was ended by injury. Thereafter, he obtained a law degree from Exeter university. He has practiced in Devon since 1997. He enjoys shooting, working his gun dogs and playing golf (badly). He is a life-member of the Devon Golf Captains.

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