Heather Hope

Heather Hope
Called: 1993

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Clerk: Nikkie Browning



Heather has a mixed practice of Defence and Prosecution work and is a Grade 4 Prosecutor. She specialises in serious sexual offences, including historic allegations and those involving multiple complainants. She is on the RASSO list of approved counsel.

Other areas of her practice include all allegations of serious injury to, or neglect of young children. She has particular expertise in communicating with vulnerable clients and witnesses including those with learning difficulties or mental health problems. Heather undertakes work in all other areas of general crime, including fraud.

Heather is a hard-working and dedicated advocate who is regularly instructed in difficult and challenging cases.

Heather’s areas of practice include: Criminal Law, Fraud and White-Collar Crime, Homicide, Gang-related offences, Sexual Offences, Drug Trafficking and Distribution, Human Trafficking, Firearms Offences, Serious Public Order Offences, Money Laundering and POCA, General Crime, Direct Access


Regina v D, Prosecuted to conviction a 34-count indictment alleging historic rape and sexuial abuse of 5 women over a period of 40 years.

Regina v D, Leading Counsel defending a man accused of historic rape and sexual abuse of 3 women over a 3-year period

Regina v Moses and another, Leading Counsel for the defence in a complex cheque fraud and identity theft trial.

CPS v F, Defended a 14-year-boy with severe ADHD and learning difficulties accused of sexually assaulting his 5-year-old cousin. At trial both complainant and defendant had intermediaries.

Regina v B, successfully prosecuted a women who attempted to abduct an 8 month old baby from her parents. The women will be sentenced following a psychiatric evaluation.

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