Ian Graham

Ian Graham
Called: 2013

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Clerk: Nikkie Browning


Ian Graham was called to the bar in 2013 following a successful and rewarding military career.  Gaining a Distinction in his Law Degree and coming top overall on his University of West of England Bar Course, he became a tenant with Colleton Chambers in 2014.  A demanding first career has developed his seasoned judgement and resilience, which he combines with a highly professional approach, allowing him to flourish as an advocate.

Accepting briefs for both prosecution and defence, he has appeared regularly at the Crown and Magistrates court throughout the South West Circuit across a wide range of criminal and regulatory matters.  This also includes appearing at Coroner’s Inquests, and again drawing on his first career, he has experience of Court Martial work.


The varied and demanding nature of his military career has developed many of the skills required of the legal profession, such as integrity and professionalism, which underpin achieving a client’s objective.


As well as being regularly instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service in the Crown Court, Ian has built up a busy practice with Devon and Cornwall Police and regional County Councils.  Alongside the normal CPS range of prosecutions, the Police and Council work is wide ranging in nature from commercial licensing matters, to consumer regulations and fraud, sexual offences ancillary orders, dog control orders and proceeds of crime matters.  Ian is a grade 2 Prosecutor and has recently been appointed to the CPS Fraud and CPS Serious Crime Panels (Level 2 on both)


Defence work in the Crown Court has already included the more serious criminal offences, sexual offences and fraud.  Ian also undertakes defence work in the Magistrates Court and he also has experience of Coroner’s Inquests and Court Martial work.

Advice & Opinions

Key skills that allow him to flourish as an advocate include complete integrity, sound judgement, professional responsibility and the ability to analyse complex issues under pressure.  He combines this with well-developed and mature interpersonal skills, gained from considerable interaction with people in often stressful and unfamiliar conditions to provide the right advice.  Ian can also provide thoroughly researched and concise written opinions as required for a client’s needs.


Ian is also an accredited mediator available to provide mediation services across all types of civil litigation matters.


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